CAMP BEAR WALLOW ~ "The Art Camp for Kids!"

Directed by Nancy Dunst

CAMP BEAR WALLOW ~ “The Art Camp For Kids!”  is  in full swing for the summer with new art projects like insect paintings, bird houses, Origami, Lego sculptures,  balloon art, ,  bubble art,  fiber clay sculptures, walking sticks, paint brush making and more! 

Camp takes place in the Art Cabin, Monday-Friday  from 9:30am-12:30pm, and is accepting children ages  6-11.

This four week summer art camp promotes the joy of creativity, play and the arts, to all children, regardless of their financial situation. Its purpose is to teach the importance of the creative process   increasing self esteem, self expression, problem solving and critical thinking.

2018 Camp Schedule

                     June  4- 8 ~  Painting:  techniques, skills, tools, mixed media                     

June 11-15 ~ Science & Art: legos, puzzles, building houses                                       

         July   2-6 ~ Earth Arts:  stepping stones,walking sticks, bird houses  

July   9-3 ~  Sculpture: balloon art, kites, origami   

The camp is run on a slide scale, from $20-$70 a week, dependent on family income  and has been partially funded/sponsored in the past by: the Sedona Arts Festival, Sedona Visual Artists Coalition The Shirley Caris Family Foundation, Gardens For Humanity, Tutnick Attorney at Law,  DuCharm Framing, Yavapai Food Council, the Coffee Pot Restaurant and Sedona Dental Arts.

To register call 282-9300 or email:

At the end of the four weeks, the camp will present a demonstration exhibition tea party where each child will create and explain their favorite art process (ie: brush making).  This will be a public event with parents invited and refreshments offered.  The camp can accept 12 children each week, and they may sign up for one week or all 4 weeks.  

 In its 19th year, the Philosophy of Art Camp has always been to to promote the joys of childhood using creativity to develop  self esteem,  self confidence, self and other awareness,  communication & problem solving skills, curiosity, and exploration.
  We encourage loving kindness in the camp, and that is the philosophy promoted in our daily art experiences. At the end of the camp we present an art exhibit and art demonstration garden party.

 Directed by Nancy Robb Dunst,  the  Earth Arts Ed. Coordinator for Gardens for Humanity and  the Arts Ed Coordinator for the City of Sedona for  5 years,  a professional  artist for 38 years who has been invite to the Florence Biennial (Italy), and shown at the Phoenix Art Museum, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, and in New York and London. 


CAMP PHILOSOPHY:  To teach the joy of art and creativity to all children, regardless of their financial situation, and to increase self esteem, self expression, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Children will need to bring a beverage and snack each day as there will be a break time. 

VOLUNTEERS:  The camp needs several parent volunteers to help each day in the classrooms. When you register, please let Sedona Creative Life Center know if you are able to volunteer.

SLIDING SCALE FOR TUITION DONATION:  Annual Family Income Weekly Tuition Donation

          $0 - $10,000  = $20.00
$10,001 - $20,000 = $30.00
$20,001 - $30,000 = $40.00
$30,001 - $40,000 = $50.00
$40,001 - $50,000 = $60.00
     $50,001 and up = $70.00

Register by calling Sedona Creative Life Center at 928-282-9300.

About Nancy Robb Dunst, Camp Director:

The art camp Director, Nancy Robb Dunst, M.C., has been a professional artist for 37 years, was the Arts Education Coordinator for the City of Sedona from 2008-13, and is presently the  Earth Arts Education Coordinator for Gardens for Humanity.

She brings art into the classrooms in 6 different schools in the Sedona/Verde Valley area. She is Sedona’s first recipient of the Mayor’s Individual Arts Award; and the first artist to be awarded a $5000. project grant from the City of Sedona.  Commissioned by Sky Harbor International Airport, The City of Yuma,  Harkins Theaters,  the Kierland Resort and others,  she is in numerous art collections. 

Dunst has been an artist-in-residence at the Sedona Red Rock High School (2yrs) , at the Madison School District (Phx., 2 years, De Miguile  Elementary School  (Flag. 1yr), the Grand Canyon  and has taught art at ASU, WIU, the Sedona School District, YC, CCC and SAC.

 In 1996, she founded, and for 10 years presided over, the Sedona Visual Artists' Coalition. This will be the seventeenth year that she has offered the Camp.  For more information about the camp contact:  Nancy Robb Dunst  at 282-0776  or