Message for Humanity

Presented by Hopi Grandmother, Anamay

Grandmother Anamay holds the most advanced spiritual position in her lineage.  She was initiated at fifteen years old by her Grandparents of the Lanza lineage.  She is both Kachina and Parrot Clan by birth.  Her mother was Chief of Oraibi and Anamay served her people in the same position for a time. 

You will love her gentle elegance and pure presence.  Her desire is for her grandchildren to be allowed to be who Creator gave them to be and to be respected for who they are, not what mass society says they should be. 

She has chosen to offer her message in Sedona because it is the Ancestral Altars of her people.  She will begin sharing and opening to all who hold value and respect of native wisdom. We ask that everyone consider a minimum of $10 to attend and encourage all to be as generous as they can afford to give. 

Saturday, March 19th, 2011, at 8pm in the Great Room.

Anamay’s family are the original founders of Oraibi, its governing positions.  They are the guardians of ancient tablets that hold keys/symbols/codes with the instruction that one day Pahana will come back with twin tablets and at that time we will enter peaceful times. 

The Hopi have maintained the traditional and original ways given them by Massau.  They still reside in their stone homes of as old as 10,000 years.  The use no electricity or modern utilities in the homes of the Ancestors.

Their Great Grandfather opened Oraibi to some other pueblo peoples in need of community.  So her Village today is open to more than just Hopi.  At, 86, Anamay feels she needs to share what ha been given her with all people.  She says we have some times ahead that humanity will need to be prepared for.  And it must be now. So she will share what it means today to be a Hopi.